Book a Pointe Shoe fitting or Mobile Shop Service here.

 We currently hold Bloch, Capezio, R-Clas & Freed Brand of pointe shoes

We recommend calling to make an appointment for Pointe shoe fittings. We do not charge for this.

We stock 5 Brands of pointe shoe in our shop (Bloch, Freed, Capezio & R-Class) Please read the following important information  - Soft Block Demi-Pointes do not need an appointment however Pointe shoe fitting can take around 30 minutes to an hour for new users. We NEVER charge for bookings or fittings. During September please book to avoid disappointment as we are very busy during that month and usually cannot accept walkins for Pointe fittings. 

Currently we mainly stock of 6 styles of Bloch Pointe shoes & some Freed brand, Capezio & Russian Class.  Pointe shoe prices vary from £45 upwards. On a first fit expect in total with accessories to spend around £60 to 70+ or thereabouts. 

Age for fitting is usually around a minimum age of 11-12 years old. If below the age of 11 years we usually ask for permission of the Dance school or teacher as they will then be responsible for any damage caused to the feet if not strong enough. Ages 11 and above we are ok to fit without any permission.

It is not natural for anybody to go up on tip toe dancing, so we do insist on the age limit permission being a responsible seller to our clients. We will still fit aged below 11 without permission, but not sell them until authorised to by the teacher or school.

We can hold special visits for bulk appointments either in our store or school in or out of our retail opening hours, but do usually ask a minimum of 3 fittings for this service. Again we do not charge for this service. 

Once fitted and paid for the shoes & fitting protections are not refundable unless any item is found to be faulty. Then & only then will that item be refunded or replaced where possible. Shoes cannot be returned if used, dirty or anything altered such as ribbons seen in. 

Currently we only hold appointments for Pointe Shoe fittings Monday through to Saturday. Sunday is not available unless it’s a Sunday in September. 

We are fully trained in fitting Pointe shoes with certificates on display current and up to date. 

Thank you Kim & Carl

Our NEW mobile fitting service.

We now offer a mobile Pop Up shop at events and a Mobile Pointe Shoe Fitting service. We can attend any school or event when requested (mainly evenings for shoe fittings). There is no extra charge for this service other than we request a minimum of 3 fittings. Also unlike some companies we do not increase prices on events or mobile services we attend. Request more info here.